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Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python

Twitter Data Mining: A Guide to Big Data Analytics Using Python

BY ANTHONY SISTILLI – FREELANCE SOFTWARE ENGINEER @ TOPTAL Go to article Whether you’re a businessman trying to catch up to the times or a coding prodigy looking for their next project, this tutorial will give you a brief overview of what big data is. You will learn how it’s applicable to you, and how you can get started quickly through the Twitter API and Python.

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Turning Usability Testing Data into Action without Going Insane

BY CARLOS ROSEMBERG – DESIGNER @ TOPTAL Go to article Collecting, sorting, and understanding data gathered during user research and usability testing is becoming an increasingly common task among UX practitioners—in fact, it’s becoming a critical UX skill.

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The four types of Data Analytics

The four types of Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Data Analysis are both terms used in the Big Data context. While they are tools that help us extract meaning from Data, Analytics is also used to predict a result.

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